At the end of 2016, Capturing Hopes began the process of opening its very first bereavement photography program at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston Salem, NC.

The Little Lights Program is a unique bereavement photography program developed by Capturing Hopes Founder, Deneen Bryan, with the guidance and support of:

Patricia S. Vandergrift, DNP, RN, NNP-BC

Christine E. Bishop MD, MA

Shannon G. Hanson, MPH, PhD

 This never before seen program was developed with the purpose of solving several challenges that bereavement photography has presented in the past. Run internally by the hospital staff, the new program eliminates the following challenges experienced previously in the area of bereavement photography in the NICU, PICU and Labor/Delivery units:

  – Dependence on Professional Photographers to provide photo sessions

 – Exposing outsiders to a traumatic bereavement situation

 – Photographers being burned out as a result of providing multiple sessions

 – The family exposing their loss to another person during their grief

 – Inexperienced and untrained photographers being present

 – Precious time being spent locating a photographer at all times of the day and night

 – Waiting hours and hours for a photographer to be available for a session

 – Depending on poor quality point and shoot cameras for beautiful professional photos

 – Limiting the photo session time according to the needs of the photographer rather than the family

For more information on opening a Little Lights Program in your hospital, please email Little Lights at


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