Capturing Hopes photographs mostly premature babies between one pound and five pounds, and we also photograph newborn size babies (6-8lbs) from time to time as well.  During our NICU event photo sessions, we like to have little props available like hair bows, boys ties, hats, hair bands, tutus, holiday lights and banners, and other fun and colorful things. There are certain times of the year that we hold photography events in the NICU and those are the perfect times for your donations to be used! Please check out our list below and contact us for more info!

We so much appreciate your willingness to donate to NICU events! Please make sure to check out the size charts at the bottom of this page. Here are a few things to remember when donating:

    • All items must be new, not used. Used items will not be given to families
    • Each item that you donate is given to one family to keep
    • No glitter please, for sanitary purposes it is not recommended in the NICU
    • Please send or deliver all donations directly to us rather than dropping them at the hospital. This will insure that the donation is used for the photo event.
    • We do not tag donors in social media posts, but you are welcome to tag yourself on the posting with photos from the event and/or photos where your donation was used. We do try to mention each donor/business on at least one posting following the event.
    • Please make things adjustable to put on baby. With cords, surgeries, iv’s, and other things that can get in the way, adjustable and stretchy is best for the baby. Nothing tight fitting or hard to adjust.
    • There are usually 50+ babies for the large events, please donate what you can!
    • We will have more 3-4 lb babies than any other sizes in general.


February – Valentine’s Day (Pinks/Reds/Whites)

  • Bow ties for boys
  • Red, Pink, White tutus for girls (no glitter please)
  • Hairbows/Headbands for girls – red/pink
  • Pink/red lights for background effect
  • Red/Pink/White valentine blankets for under babies
  • Hearts to hang for background props
  • Other valentine props for babies incubators
  • Deadline for donations received: February 8th

March – Easter/Spring (Pastel colors)

  • Bowties for boys
  • Pastel tutus for girls (no glitter please)
  • Hair bows for girls
  • Bunny ears
  • Bunny ear hats
  • Easter Egg themed props
  • Background props with spring or Easter theme
  • Mini Easter baskets
  • Used throughout the spring/Easter season

July – Patriotic (Red, White, Blue)

  • Red, White, Blue hats
  • Red, White Blue tutus (no glitter please)
  • Background lights (red, white, blue)
  • America flags
  • Hairbows/Headbands
  • Used throughout the entire month of July

October – Halloween

    • Superhero costumes
    • Superhero capes
    • Costumes from Build A Bear
    • Mini Pumpkin buckets
    • Pumpkin hats
    • Candy corn hats
    • Orange hanging lights
    • Animal themed hats
    • Popular cartoon themed hats
    • Fall colored hair bows/headbands/tutus (no glitter)
    • Other fall and halloween themed props
    • Deadline for donations received: October 25th

December Holidays/Christmas (Red/Green/Blue/Silver/Gold)

    • Santa hats
    • Tutus for girls (no glitter)
    • Holiday/Christmas themed hats
    • Snowman hats
    • Christmas bow ties for boys
    • Hairbows/Headbands for girls
    • Christmas lights – we need LOTS of these (not battery operated please)
    • Christmas blankets (not busy colors)
    • Other holiday themed props for incubators
    • Deadline for donations received: December 20th


NICU Events are hosted in our following program areas:

Capturing Hopes of the Triad (NC)

Address: 6751 Fairwood Drive Clemmons, NC 27012 

Phone: (336) 710-7026

Capturing Hopes of Indianapolis (IN)

Address: 12285 Cold Stream Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060 

Phone: (920) 343-NICU (6428) 


Size List:

1-2 lb. Preemie

Head/waist – 9-9.5 inches

Chest – 8.5 inches

Foot – 1 inch

Body Length – 10 inches

2-3 lb. Preemie

Head/waist – 10 inches

Chest – 9-10 inches

Foot – 2 inches

Body Length – 12 inches

3-4 lb. Preemie 

Head/Waist – 11 inches

Chest – 10-11 inches

Foot – 2.5 inches

Body Length – 13 inches

5-6 lb. Preemie

Head/Waist -12 inches

Chest – 12-13 inches

Foot – 3 inches

Body Length – 14 inches

6-8 lb NICU Baby- Newborn size