How do I make a donation?

For all donation information, please go to our donation page here

How much does a session cost?


All sessions with Capturing Hopes are free of charge to parents. We are made up of a group of volunteer professional photographers and family support team members that give freely of their time and talents just for you.

How often can I get a session?


If you have a NICU baby, you can book a session with us every two weeks. We want to make sure that you are able to track the progress of your baby’s growth as they develop in the NICU.

If your child is not a NICU baby, but has been referred to us through the Ronald McDonald House or Brenner’s Children’s Hospital, we leave it up to the RMH personnel and Brenner’s Children’s Hospital Staff to decide how often your child is in need of a photo session, please ask them if you feel that your child would benefit from another photo session with Capturing Hopes Photographers.


How do I get my child’s photos following the session?


Once your photo session is finished, the CHP photographer will edit at least 10 photos of your child and load them onto a password protected professional photo gallery for you and email the gallery to you. This usually takes up to two weeks to receive. Once you receive the gallery, you can share the photos, download the photos to your own computer, or order prints right from there. If you need any help in this area, please email us and we will help you out.


I have a child in Brenner’s Children’s Hospital, how do I get photos?


If you are a NICU parent, all you need to do is call, text, or email us your baby’s information and we will put your baby on the list. However, if you child is not a NICU baby, you must speak with either your doctor or nurse about getting a Capturing Hopes Photography session and they must contact us. We have limited times available for these sessions, so make sure to let them know that you want a session right away. If you are a Ronald McDonald House family, no doctor or nurse referral is needed. Just let Heather Rompel know that you would like to be on the list for photos and she will make sure you are on there.


Can I choose my Photographer?


No, this is not an option with Capturing Hopes. Each of our photographers are professionals and most own their own photography business. We promise that whatever photographer you get will provide good quality photos of your child. For a complete listing of our photographers, please click here.


What happens during the session?


All sessions last about 15 minutes. We take what is called “documentary” or “lifestyle” photography and do not pose your child a lot or use props, unless requested by you. We want to capture your child’s story as it is happening, even if they have many cords and wires, that is all part of their journey.

If your baby is in the incubator and cannot come out, that is not a problem, we will photograph through the glass. We will be communicating with your child’s nurse and yourself at all times to make sure that whatever we do during the session is safe for your child.

Please let your photographer know right away if you have any special requests for the session.


If you have any other questions, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer: