How it works: (It’s really easy!)

Request a Session with us at the hospital that your baby is at by clicking here. 

*All photo sessions are free of charge to NICU families.


Wait for Confirmation via email from the Capturing Hopes scheduling department. We will let you know all of the details you will need to know about your upcoming session, including who your professional HOPE photographer will be. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have.


Connect with your Hope Photographer. You will receive an email confirmation from your special photographer and they will make sure your schedules work with each other. Once they contact you, make sure to refer all further questions about your upcoming session to them rather than the Capturing Hopes scheduling department.


Be with your Baby during the time frame that you were given via the confirmation email. The session will take no more than 15 minutes. *It is required that a family member is present for your baby’s photo session.


Wait for Sneaks on social media and tag yourself so your friends and family can see how beautiful your new baby is! (If you did not request a sneak, then you can skip this step) Check out our facebook page by clicking here. Sneaks peek may also show up on your special photographer’s own business page, so watch for it there too and make sure to show them some LOVE by following them on social media!


An Email will Arrive within 2 weeks of your photo session from your Hope photographer, this is a specially edited photo gallery that you can download right to your computer, tablet, or phone. You are also given an unlimited print release for your photos. If you did not receive one, click here to download it. 


Schedule another Session within 2 weeks of your last session. Your baby can have photos every two weeks while they are in the NICU, no matter how long they are there!


Spread the Word to other NICU families that you get to know. We are available to all families with a NICU baby and by you sharing about Capturing Hopes to your fellow NICU friends, they can also receive this special gift during their child’s stay in the hospital.


That was pretty easy, right? What are you waiting for? Request a Session today and let us help you capture some HOPE during your NICU stay! To find out more about making a donation to Capturing Hopes, please click here.