Run for NICU Hope 5K – Race T-Shirt Design Competition

Submissions being accepted through January 20, 2018

Winner Receives:

  • 2 free entrances to the 5K race/walk on May 6, 2018
  • 2 free race t-shirts
  • 20 free raffle tickets for prizes on race day
  • Recognition on the Capturing Hopes website along with bio and business info through May of 2019
  • Name and/or Business Name will be displayed on at least one banner at the race as one of our official T-shirt sponsors
  • The option of you and/or your business hosting the T-shirt table during the race and also during the family event following the race.


Contest Guidelines:

  • Contest is open to anyone nationwide, including those with graphic design businesses and Capturing Hopes volunteers.
  • You must incorporate the words (1) Run for NICU Hope and (2) May 6, 2018 into the design. Also, (3) the Capturing Hopes white logo will be provided to you in .png form and must be incorporated into the design in some way, whether big or small. *Please let us know if you would like the logo in another format.
  • Your design should represent HOPE in some way.
  • Optional: You could incorporate a quote relating to hope in the nicu.
  • Your design is for the front of the shirt only and will be within a space of about 9×9.
  • The color of shirt will not be announced until the final winner is chosen. Feel free to design on t-shirt templates of colors you feel would compliment your design best. Templates can be found easily online.
  • You can use a Maximum of THREE colors in the design and text, this MUST include the white in the logo. All must be solid colors for a more beautiful and clear look for screen printing.
  • Design must be your own original work and may include original graphics and text, but no photographs.
  • Design must not be shared with any Capturing Hopes volunteers that you may have a relationship with until after the final 3 designs have been chosen and are ready to be shared with the public. Sharing the design with a current Capturing Hopes volunteer prior to that time could result in elimination from the competition.
  • Any Capturing Hopes volunteer who submits one or more designs will be excluded from the voting process by our volunteer network. The above guideline also applies to any volunteer who makes a submission. Do not share or describe your design with any current Capturing Hopes volunteers, as they may be part of the voting process.
  • All files must be initially sent in .jpeg or .pdf formats. If your design is the final winner, we will need the design format sent in several other forms no later than February 15, 2018.


The Fine Print:

  • There is a maximum of 3 submissions per individual person.
  • All initial submissions will be screened by the 5K planning committee.
  • If you were chosen as a final 3 finalist, you will receive an email no later than January 26, 2018 with additional info.
  • By submitting your design, you are giving Capturing Hopes permission to display your artwork during this contest and for your design to be used without limits by Capturing Hopes if you are the winning designer.
  • All voting will be monitored by Capturing Hopes Executive Board to ensure fairness.


Making a Submission:

  • We will accept entries through January 20, 2018 and a finalists will be chosen no later than February 1, 2018.
  • All initial submissions must be digital in jpeg or pdf form for voting purposes.
  • To make a submission, please follow these steps exactly:


Step 1: Email us to receive the Capturing Hopes white logo

Step 2: Once your design is complete, please send one email for each design to

Step 3: Subject of the email must be “5K Tshirt submission and your name. If there is more than one submission, create another email with the subject “5K Tshirt submission, the submission number, and your name” (5K Tshirt submission #2, Sarah Smith)

Step 4: Please copy/paste and fill out the below info per email submission:



Business (if applicable):


City, State:


Are you a Capturing Hopes volunteer (Yes/No):


Submission number (1,2 or 3):


In sending this email you are agreeing to allow use of your design by Capturing Hopes Photography and its affiliates without limits if your design is the winner (Yes/No):


If you are the winning designer, would you like to volunteer to run the t-shirt table at the 5K on May 6, 2018:


Step 5: Once your submission is received, you will receive a confirmation email from Capturing Hopes. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 3 days, please email us again to ensure we received your email submission.


Step 6: If your design is chosen as the winner, you will need to email us the finished design in several formats as requested by our shirt printer and we will need a release for use of your work. Are you willing to do this by February 15, 2018 if chosen as the winner (Yes/No):


Any questions, please email