CHP Photographer Application

Capturing Hopes provides a variety of types and levels of photography services in hospitals local to our photographers. Please thoroughly read through the options available, and then answer the preceding questions accordingly. 

1. Weekly micro-preemie photography. 
 - The photographer provides a session once a week for each family that requests a session that week.
 - The baby must have been born a micro-preemie, and the purpose of the photos is to document their NICU journey in the hospital. 
 - A micro-preemie is a baby that is born at less than 2 pounds and/or is born at 26 weeks gestation or sooner. 
- Photographer's business information is included on the CHP website.

2. Bi-weekly NICU baby photography
 - The photographer provides a photo session every other week for each family that requests a session for that week. 
 - The baby could be a micro-preemie, premature baby, or full term baby in the NICU.
- Photographer's business information is included on the CHP website.

3. Monthly NICU photography
 - The photographer sets up one day each month to be available to all NICU families for photos on that one day.
- Photographer's business information is included on the CHP website.

4. Holiday event photography
 - The photographer sets up a day long event prior to an upcoming holiday to provide photos for all of the NICU babies in the unit. 
 - The photographer works with the hospital staff to run this event.
 - Holidays include: Valentine's Day, Easter/Spring, Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas/Holidays.
 - Depending on the size of the NICU, the photographer will often work with 1-2 other photographers on the day of the event. 
- Photographer's business information is included on the CHP website.

5. Bereavement photography program support
 - The photographer works with Capturing Hopes to set up a hospital run photography program for infant bereavement.
 - Labor/Delivery, Antepartum, and the NICU units are all included in the infant bereavement program.
 - This is a hospital run program and the photographer works in collaboration with the hospital coordinator(s).
 - The photographer edits all bereavement photography for that specific hospital.
 - No bereavement photography is required on the part of the photographer. 
- Photographer's business information is included on the CHP website.

6. Non-photographer volunteer
 - Volunteer provides support to the photographer(s) in the NICU during holiday events.
 - Volunteer handles scheduling for holiday events and regular sessions in the NICU.
 - Volunteer works with both the photographer and the hospital(s) to set up each NICU photo session date or event. 
 - Volunteer helps to recruit photographers for NICU events. 
 - Volunteer handles social media, sneak peeks, email, and prop/clothing donations for events. 

7. Requests Only 
 - Photographer only provides photo sessions when a request is received in a specific area via the CHP website. 

Please initial each section below. Every section must be initialed prior to becoming a photographer with Capturing Hopes. 
1. Photographer Scope of Service:
Volunteers agree to provide photography services as directed by and on behalf of Capturing Hopes. Services provided by Volunteer include the following (altogether, the “Services”):
(a) Travelling to and from the hospital location of the scheduled NICU baby/family (the “Recipient”).
(b) Conducting a 15-30 minute professional photo session with the Recipient.
(c) Retouching/Editing of 10+ photos from said session within 14 days of the session.
(d) Providing a sneak peek of the photo session to Capturing Hopes’ marketing team within 72 hours of the session, if the Recipient gives permission to use the photos for marketing, social media, and promotional purposes.
(e) Loading all edited photos onto a professional photo gallery, and then providing the same photo gallery to the Capturing Hopes’ marketing team (, and also emailing a link of the Photo Gallery to the Recipient within 10 days of the photo session.
(f) Providing the Recipient with a print release document, providing Recipient with full download, copy, and print rights. 
2. Donation of Time and Materials
(a) It is mutually agreed upon that Volunteer shall provide all Services and materials free of charge to all Recipients and that at no time should the Volunteer accept or request gifts or money in exchange for his or her Services or bill Recipients for NICU photography services provided under this Agreement.
(b) It is mutually agreed upon that Volunteer should not require or expect payment or salary from the Capturing Hopes in exchange for the Services, including but not limited to: materials purchased, services rendered, or processing of photography. Volunteer may request in writing a tax-deductible receipt for logged materials he or she incurred for the Services provided.
(c) Volunteer agrees to provide at least a once-a-month available time for NICU photo sessions to Capturing Hopes . 

3. Ownership Rights Section 
(a) Volunteer understands and agrees that Capturing Hopes shall have all rights and title to all photographs acquired, gathered, produced or developed by Volunteer relating to or in connection with the Services provided under this Agreement (any and all of which are collectively referred to herein as the “Work Product”), and hereby assigns any and all rights Volunteer has in the Work Product to Capturing Hopes.
(b) Notwithstanding the foregoing, Volunteer shall have all rights and title to use the Work Product as part of Volunteer’s photography portfolio, in Volunteer’s printed and online marketing materials, and on Volunteer’s website and social media pages and platforms, so long as (i) the Recipient gives permission for use of the Work Product for marketing, social media, and promotional purposes, and (ii) Capturing Hopes receives attribution on any of Volunteer’s use of the Work Product. Volunteer shall not enter the Work Product in any contests, without prior written permission of both the Recipient and the Capturing Hopes marketing team. This applies to all NICU photos captured by Volunteer during his or her service with Capturing Hopes. In the event both Recipient and Capturing Hopes give permission for Volunteer to share Work Product in a contest, on social media, or in the news media, Capturing Hopes must receive attribution on such use of the Work Product.
(c) If the Recipient gives permission to use the Work Product for marketing, social media, and promotional purposes, Volunteer shall provide sneak peeks of the Work Product for the Capturing Hopes social media pages within 72 hours of Recipient’s photo session. Capturing Hopes has the right to edit the Work Product, limited to the addition of words or logos to photos, resizing, or compilation of photos in promotional photo collages. Capturing Hopes will not otherwise change the Work Product without written permission from the Volunteer.
(d) Capturing Hopes agrees to provide Recipients, at no charge to Recipients, a limited license to download, copy and print all edited Work Product.
 (e) Volunteer shall keep a copy of the Work Product for at least one year after providing it to Recipients for the sole purpose of providing additional copies thereof to Recipients upon their request and as a back-up in case the Work Product is lost or damaged during delivery to Recipient.
4. Termination Section
This Agreement shall be effective as of the date first written above and shall continue and extend until terminated. Each party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time without cause by written notice to the other party. Capturing Hopes shall further have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately at any time by written notice to Volunteer if Capturing Hopes deems in its sole discretion that Volunteer has not fully complied with the Capturing Hopes Volunteer Policy Manual or does not otherwise meet Capturing Hopes’ standards of conduct. (b) This Agreement’s provisions regarding Confidentiality, Liability, Conflict of Interest, Non-compete, Indemnity, and Ownership Rights shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement. (c) Volunteer agrees upon the termination of this Agreement to immediately: 1. Notify Capturing Hopes in writing (via email) of any pending photography sessions which he or she agreed to provide Recipients, but has not yet performed, so that alternative arrangements can be made; and 2. Complete any and all photo session galleries, if applicable, in connection with photography sessions for Recipients which Volunteer already performed. (c) If at any time Volunteer chooses to terminate his/her services with Capturing Hopes for any reason, the following steps must be followed: 1. All photo galleries that remain incomplete must be completed, including delivery of all edited photos to the family, within two weeks of resignation; and 2. Capturing Hopes must be notified when all galleries have been completed and emailed to the Recipient(s).
5. Indemnity Section
To the fullest extent permitted by law, Volunteer shall agree to hold harmless and defend Capturing Hopes, its officers, directors, affiliates, employees, agents, contractors and/or representatives from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, expenses and all other liabilities arising out of or resulting in whole or in part from Volunteer, or any of his or her agents’, employees’ or subcontractors’ performance or failure to perform under this Agreement (collectively, the “Liabilities”). Indemnity shall include, but not be limited to, court costs, attorney’s fees, cost of investigation, costs of defense, settlements, and judgments associated with any and all of the Liabilities.
6. Limited Liability section
In no event shall Capturing Hopes have any liability for any loss or damage, whether direct, consequential, indirect or incidental, suffered by Volunteer arising from or related to this Agreement, including without limitation, loss of profits, interest or revenue, or use or interruption of business.
7. Expenses Section
Volunteer agrees that any funds expended or expenses incurred for labor, equipment, materials or other items with regard to his or her provision of Services to Recipients are the sole responsibility of Volunteer and in no event shall Capturing Hopes or any Recipient be liable for such expenses. 
8. Waiver Section
Volunteer hereby waives any and all claims now and in the future that he/she may have against Capturing Hopes for liabilities, losses, actions, damages, judgments, costs or expenses of whatever nature, including attorneys' fees, incurred by reason of or arising out of any injury to any person(s), damage to property, loss of use of any property, violation of law, or otherwise in connection with or related to this Agreement and the provision of Services to Recipients.

9. Confidentiality Section
Volunteer may be privy to confidential Recipient information, including, but not limited to, address, email address, family information, and medical information, as well as confidential information related to operations of Capturing Hopes, including but not limited to, its policies, procedures, forms, and business model (altogether, “Confidential Information”). Volunteer will at no time discuss or release this Confidential Information with anyone outside of Capturing Hopes.
(a) Upon release of any Confidential Information, Volunteer will be held solely responsible and liable for any legal ramifications that occur as a result.
(b) Upon release of any Confidential Information, Volunteer may be terminated as a volunteer with Capturing Hopes pending a decision of the Board of Directors./span
10. Conflict of Interest Section
Volunteer will not solicit business from Capturing Hopes’ Recipients at any time including, but not limited to, email solicitations or the provision of business cards, business materials, pricing lists, package lists, and studio or photography business information.
(b) Volunteer may not at any time use Confidential Information in order to gain business or contact a Recipient for any reason other than what is directly related to Recipient’s NICU photography session or a Capturing Hopes related event.
(c) This Conflict of Interest provision does not prohibit the activities described in Section 11(a) under the following circumstances:
1. Volunteer had a preexisting client relationship with a Recipient, prior to NICU hospitalization. In this case, Volunteer may not receive payment for any NICU-related photography services provided by Volunteer through Capturing Hopes, but may resume his/her preexisting business/client relationship upon Recipient’s graduation from the NICU.
2. Volunteer has a family or close friendship connection with the Recipient prior to NICU stay. In this case, Volunteer may not receive payment for any NICU-related photography services provided by Volunteer through Capturing Hopes, but may resume his/her preexisting business/client relationship upon Recipient’s graduation from the NICU.
3. Recipient initiates contact with Volunteer for non-NICU related photography sessions following graduation from the hospital NICU.
11. Non Compete Section
To protect the Confidential Information and interests of Capturing Hopes while Photographer is a Volunteer with Capturing Hopes, and for two years thereafter, Volunteer shall not: (a) Without prior written authorization from Capturing Hopes, plan for, acquire any financial interest in, or perform services for (as an employee, consultant, officer, director, board member, independent contractor, principal, agent or otherwise) any business or nonprofit organization that would require Volunteer to use or disclose any Confidential Information. (b) Without prior written authorization from Capturing Hopes, perform services (as an employee, consultant, officer, director, board member, independent contractor, principal, agent, or otherwise) that are similar to Volunteer’s current duties or responsibilities under this Agreement for any person or entity that conducts its business/nonprofit work in the United States and that engages in any business activity or nonprofit services involving photographing babies in a NICU setting that in any way resembles the Capturing Hopes model of business/nonprofit work. (c) Establish his or her own business or non-profit organization, or acquire any financial interest in any entity, that provides services involving photographing babies in a NICU setting.  
12. Code of Conduct Section
Code of Conduct During the Volunteer’s service time with Capturing Hopes, the Volunteer agrees to the following conduct: (a) To be honest in all things with the Capturing Hopes administration, the hospital administration, and the Recipients of his or her volunteer work. (b) To be dependable when committing to scheduled session times. This includes arriving at the scheduled session on time, and completing and sending the edited photos within the time promised to the Recipient. (c) To be reliable when committing to help with NICU events, holiday events, fundraising event, community photographer events, or other events in which the Volunteer is representing Capturing Hopes. (d) To show integrity and conduct him/herself in a way that upholds a good reputation for both Volunteer and Capturing Hopes. *Failure to do any of the above could result in a decision by the Capturing Hopes Board of Directors to terminate the Volunteer’s service with Capturing Hopes. /span
13. Policy Manual Section
(a) During Volunteer’s work with Capturing Hopes, Volunteer agrees to read, uphold, and follow the Capturing Hopes Photography Volunteer Policy Manual.
(b) Volunteer agrees to read and follow the NICU Photography Guidelines Manual during his or her work with Capturing Hopes.
(c) Volunteer agrees to follow any and all hospital policies provided to Volunteer during his or her work with Capturing Hopes.

Upon submission of this application, please read the confirmation email. It will require you to join our Facebook photography group and also enter minimal information on the spreadsheet we use when filling requests. If you do not complete both of these, you may be missed when a session request comes in. Thank you for your interest in being a Capturing Hopes Photographer!

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