Levine Children's NICU Schedule

 If your baby is premature or will have an extended stay in the NICU, they are eligible for bi-weekly free photo sessions with your local Capturing Hopes Photographer. 
IMPORTANT: If your hospital currently has any visiting restrictions for visitors that are not family members, please do not request a session until those restrictions are lifted.

STOP: Only fill out the below consent form if this is your baby's FIRST session with Capturing Hopes

Information about your scheduled photo session with Capturing Hopes!

Thank you for your submission, please read the information below to prepare for your child's session. 


- If you need your baby's photo session at a specific time within the time frame, please let them know by replying to this email with the time. *It must be within the time frame you chose.
- A parent or family member must be present at the time of your child’s session.

- Let your baby's nurse know that a photographer will be arriving at the scheduled time you chose. You will probably need to add the photographer as your guest/visitor in order for them to be able to photograph your baby. 

- You will receive an email with 5 edited digital photos within 7 days of your session.

 - Please share our free service with other NICU families in your unit. We want to be there to capture NICU journeys for as many families as possible. Just send them this link: https://www.capturinghopesphoto.org/book-now

- If you have any other questions, please text 336-710-7026

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