Sneak Peek

Sneak peeks are posted weekly following hospital NICU photo shoots. Why do we post photos of your NICU baby?

1. We want to share your baby's progress with our followers so they can cheer you on in your journey. 

2. You are not alone, and there are many other NICU families who have gone through the same thing that you currently are. 

3. If your baby needs good thoughts or prayers this particular week, we want to get word out for you. 

4. Your words bring hope to others as they read your baby's journey and progress from day one until graduation. 


Thank you for your willingness to share your baby's journey with us! 

Sample paragraph submissions:


SAMPLE 1: Bridget is finally weighing 2 pounds and had a great week with no setbacks! We are looking forward to putting her first clothes on her sometime this week if all goes as planned. ~ Sarah Johnson, Bridget's mommy. 

SAMPLE 2: Please be praying for baby (J) this week as he is weaned from his cpap, we would really like to see him progress in his breathing. And some good news: Grandma Doris will be visiting him from Pennsylvania on Tuesday and meeting him for the first time! Thank you for praying for him. ~ Doug D., (J)'s daddy.

SAMPLE 3: Audrey was born at just a little under 1 pound and 23 weeks gestation. This week she reached the 5 pound mark and will be heading home hopefully by next weekend, fingers crossed. We are looking forward to getting her home to meet her two big brothers and the rest of the family. Thank you to everyone who has commented on her photos each week, they were such a help during our hard weeks. We hope to update you all soon! ~ Hollie G., Audrey's momma. 

Ideas on things to include:

 - Current weight compared to birth weight

 - Breathing progress

 - Surgery news

 - Visits from friends and family

 - Sibling time with baby

 - Holiday information

 - A favorite nurse or other medical staff (shout out to those superhero staff members!)

 - Current age (She is 1 month old now!)

 - Total Days in the NICU so far

 - Other big accomplishments (wearing clothes, nursing for the first time, held by dad for the first time, etc)

 - Reason for premature birth

 - Health conditions/diagnosis

 - Developments of baby (new things they did for the first time)

 - Things you love most about your baby this week

 - Something people can pray for concerning your baby

- Positive review about your Capturing Hopes session and why it's important to you

- A graduation from the NICU story

- Advice or encouragement for other NICU moms that may be going through the same thing


*Feel free to make the paragraph as long or short as you would like and only share things you are comfortable sharing. This is an optional form. 

Thank you for submitting your sneak peek submission!

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Thank you again! 

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