Volunteer with Capturing Hopes Photography


Capturing Hopes is always on the search for new professional photographers who would like to give back in their own area hospitals by providing NICU photography for local families. Whether a photographer has their own connection with the NICU, has their own NICU story, or just has a love for children and babies, we always welcome new volunteers to apply to be part of our organization.

Capturing Hopes provides high quality professional photography for families with the goal of tracking the progress of their baby’s growth the entire time they are in the NICU, and to provide HOPE through our lenses. In the midst of a chaotic hospital situation, finding HOPE and BEAUTY, through the magic of photography, is what we do.

Prior to applying for a position within our organization, please make sure to check out our requirements below for all of our professional HOPE photographers. If you do not meet these requirements, please wait to apply at a later time. 


 – High quality DSLR camera that works well in low light situations

 – One or more lenses with an aperture of 2.8 or lower. (1.8,1.4,.1.2)

 – A portfolio, website, or fan page with examples of good quality photography in a variety of lighting situations

 – Two to Four hours a month of available time to commit to in-hospital NICU sessions

Please read our Volunteer Agreement at the link attached below

(Agreement is signed online after approval of photographer)

Capturing Hopes Volunteer Agreement

If you would like to apply to be a HOPE Photographer with Capturing Hopes, please click on the camera below.